The aim of this Bowling Green Etiquette is to provide an enjoyable, comfortable, safe, and rewarding environment for all people associated with the club. It applies equally to members and their guests; including players from other clubs visiting the club socially or for competitions.


Players should always be careful when stepping on or off bowling green

Do not stand too close to the verges

Do not wander around or move about when a player is about to deliver a bowl

Mobile phones should not be used on or around the green


Arrive in good time for the game

Ensure you are wearing the correct dress code – club shirt, navy trousers, shorts etc, white, red or navy bowls shoes

Everyone should help put out and put away playing equipment

Introduce yourself and shake hands with your opponent[s] before play commences

Please avoid:            

  • dropping bowls onto green
  • walking across other rinks during game
  • sitting on banks or standing in the ditches while waiting to play
  • obscuring rink boundary markers or centre pin
  • your shadow falling across jack on sunny days
  • talking while bowls are being delivered
  • moving to mat until opponent’s bowl come to rest
  • do not pass comment or interfere when 2s/3s are agreeing shots.
  • Retire behind the mat after delivering a bowl
  • Walk down centre of green when changing ends so as not to distract the adjacent rink
  • Never interfere with bowls until shots scored has been agreed
  • Win or lose always shake hands with your opponent[s] and thank them for the game
  • No drinking or smoking on the green at any time
  • Always try to bowl to cause the least possible damage to the green – use a ground sheet when the green is very soft


Refreshments are usually provided after the game and it is expected that players will take part in this, except in special circumstances.  The home player is expected to offer their opponent a drink.

Please help with clearing of tables etc and be courteous and friendly at all times.