Bowls Etiquette
There are two areas; general etiquette with regard to the match and club, and playing etiquette.
General Etiquette:-
Arrive in good time for the game.
Ensure you are wearing the correct dress code.
  • Mid Week Games - Navy/Grey Trousers/Skirt, Club Shirt, Brown/Grey/White Bowls Shoes
  • Weekend Games  - Navy/White Trousers/Skirt,Club Shirt, Brown/Grey/White Bowls Shoes
  • Informal Bowling  - Grey Trousers/Skirt, White Top, Brown/Grey/White Bowls Shoes
Everyone should help put out the necessary equipment.
After the game all members are responsible for putting away the equipment from their own rink.
After the game the home player is expected to offer to buy their opponent a drink. The away player should also offer to buy a reciprocal drink later.
At the meal the home players should sit in positions so that they can each help with the serving of the food and clearing of the tables. Sitting at the back so that you cannot get out is not acceptable.
After the meal please also help with the clearing of the tables and glasses to help the catering team and the bar staff.
Playing Etiquette:-

This is in addition to your playing duties depending on the position you are playing.
Stand well behind the mat whilst your opponent bowls
Keep quiet and stand still when players are on the mat
Always stand still when a player is about to bowl – movement at the head end and talking at the mat end is very distracting.
Keep track of play and be ready with your bowl when it is your turn
Do not move to the mat until your opponent’s bowl has come to rest.
Never deliver your bowl until the previous bowl has come to rest.
Never applaud “lucky” bowls –just accept them graciously, it might be yours next time.
Always walk quickly down the centre of the green when changing ends so as not to distract the adjacent rink nor waste time.
Number 3 is responsible for deciding the shots scored. 1 and 2 should stand well away and not interfere.
Never collect bowls until the shots scored has been agreed.
Every player at the head end should help in collecting the bowls.
It is usual for the winning Lead to get the Jack and Mat ready for the next end.
The losing Lead should get the bowls collector.
Respect the green:- never drop bowls on to the green, nor stand on the edge of the green, nor stand or walk in the ditches
Always try to bowl to cause the least possible damage to the green – use a ground sheet when the green is very soft.
Do not blame your loss on others, the green or the weather
Win or lose always shake hands with your opponent and thank them for the game.
Don’t be too taken with your win; you may lose tomorrow.