Flackwell Heath Bowling Club.
Public Rink Availability
One rink may be made available to hire to play bowls subject to there being no Recognised Competitions or Matches against other Bowling Clubs scheduled.
The following hiring conditions shall also apply.
a) Contact the Club Secretary.
b) Rinks are hired at a rate of £5.00 per hour (max. 3 hours) and include for the supply of:- mats, a jack, rink markers, a score board and 2 metre sticks.
c) Bowlers are encouraged to bring their own bowls, but if bowls are required they can be hired separately, although there is not a big selection.
d) 3rd party insurance requires all visitors to sign the Club ‘Visitors’ book.
a) Must have correct footwear, being flat soled with no heel.
b) Must be fairly competent at bowls and be familiar with the rules of the game and bowls etiquette.
c) Novices would not be allowed on the green until they received coaching.
d) Must be 16yrs or over.
e) A member of the club shall be in attendance throughout and has the right to terminate the session for any of the following reasons:
          1) That the green is being damaged in any way.
          2) If there is disruptive behaviour (especially if disturbing other bowlers).
          3) If there are any circumstances in which any persons on the green may get injured.
          4) If the weather dramatically changes and causes the green to be unsafe to play on.